This is to share my Experience in Developing My Very First Operating System. I used Ubuntu As the operating system to develop my Operating System SachOS.

To do this task it’s an easy and safe way to use a Virtual Machine rather than using the Original Host can use any kind of Hypervisor software to do this.

After the installation of the Virtual Box, you have to download and install a Linux Distribution to implement the OS. For this, I used Ubuntu 20.04 Version. You can download the Ubuntu ISO files From Their Official Website.

If you don’t have…

This is the second part of the Operating System Implementation series. If you haven’t already done so, I recommend reading my first article on setting up the development environment and starting the operating system.

I’m following Erik Helin and Adam Renberg’s guidance “The little book about OS development” for the coding and implementation employees.

We used assembly language instead of C in the previous article. Assembly is ideal for dealing with the CPU because it gives you complete control over every component of the program. We prefer C since it is a lot more convenient language to work with.

Creating a Stack


Quantum computing is a discipline of computing that focuses on developing computer technology based on quantum theory’s concepts which explain the behavior of energy and material on the atomic and subatomic levels

Quantum computer

Computers nowadays can only encode data in bits with values of 1 or 0, severely limiting their capabilities. Quantum computing, on the other hand, makes use of quantum bits, also known as qubits. It takes advantage of subatomic particles’ yet another ability to exist in several states (i.e., a 1 and a 0 at the same time).

These supercomputers are based on the quantum physics concepts of superposition and entanglement. This enables quantum computers to perform tasks at speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than traditional computers while using far less energy.

In the 1980s, the field of quantum…

Before going to discuss Ethical Hacking, we should comprehend

What is Hacking?

The term ‘Programmer’ was presented in the 1960s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to depict specialists who utilized their abilities to re-foster PC frameworks, expanding their proficiency and permitting them to perform multiple tasks.

Presently, the term is utilized for expert software engineers who acquire unapproved admittance to the computer framework by discovering shortcomings or utilizing bugs. For instance, a programmer can make programs to break passwords, enter networks, or even upset organization administrations.

At the beginning of global struggles, psychological oppressor associations financing cyber criminals to…

Ikigai is a Japanese concept about finding your individual purpose, or in other words: “what is worth living for”, or “your reason for getting up every morning”.

It covers 4 perspectives that will help you get a new line of work to cherish.

The combination of words mean:

“iki” (life/living) + “kai” (value/result)

The four circles in a Venn diagram, best illustrate this concept in order to find the point of intersection between your: mission, passion, calling, and career.

These are the four areas every person should explore are:

  • What do I love?
  • What am I really good at?
  • What…

Careers Related to Database

Do you want to work with databases but don’t know what the different options are?

Find out the following types of database Related jobs

  • Database Administrator
  • Database Designer
  • Data Engineer
  • Database Programmer
  • Database Developer

Database Administrator

The things that Database administrators typically do:

  • Ensure that organizational data records are secure or not
  • Backup and restoration of data or statistics to prevent the loss of data
  • Identifying the user needs and wishes
  • Make those databases operate efficiently and correctly with no errors
  • Modify database structure
  • Maintain databases and update permissions and replace data as needed
  • Merge old…

As a regularly occurring rule now, if your business enterprise collects any statistics about customers, suppliers, or the wider community, it is saved on a database somewhere. These records might also be touchy and private and can be issue to strict privateness agreements which include these referred to above.

For example, your clients may also grant you an email address, postal address, and smartphone wide variety when they buy something from you. …


Undergraduate | Software Engineering | Dharmaraja College Kandy | Sri Lankan

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